Monica, a Nigerian businesswoman in Mombasa, is seeking a genuine connection with a Kenyan man aged 23 and above.

Monica, a Nigerian businesswoman in Mombasa, is seeking a genuine connection with a Kenyan man aged 23 and above.

Hello Admin Brenda,My name is Monica, and I am writing to you in search of a meaningful connection with a Kenyan man. I am a Nigerian woman who has been living in Mombasa, Kenya, for the past five months. During my stay, I have found myself longing for companionship and have developed an interest in starting a relationship with a Kenyan man.

I am specifically looking for a man who is 23 years old or older and resides within Mombasa. This is important to me as it would make meeting up easier and more convenient. I believe that a close distance will help foster a deeper and more genuine connection. My ideal partner is someone who is cool, good-looking, and ready to embark on a serious relationship.

To share a bit about myself, I am a divorced businesswoman with the power and ability to support my partner. My experiences have made me a strong and independent woman, and I am now looking for someone to share my life with. Despite my busy schedule, I am dedicated to building a meaningful relationship based on mutual respect and understanding.

Living in Mombasa has been a wonderful experience, and I have grown to love the culture and the people here. I feel a strong connection to this place and believe that finding a partner here would be the perfect complement to my life. I am not just looking for a casual fling; I am seeking a real, lasting relationship with someone who can be my confidant and companion.

If you are a Kenyan man within Mombasa and are interested in getting to know me better, please reach out to admin Brenda for more information about me and my contact details. I am eager to meet someone who shares my values and interests, and I am hopeful that I will find a special person through this connection.

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Franz_ke 2 Jul, 2024 - 9:26 am

I want her


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